Sound Design Pricing

The power of sound is underestimated.

Our studio offers the following Sound Design products, services and integrations: Animation, Video, Artist Management, Streaming, Analog Filmmaking & Film Restoration, Television Production, Game Development, Live Theater, Sound Recording, Sound Reproduction & Distribution, Live Performance, Sound Art, Post Production, Podcasting, Streaming Media and Radio.

STIJL Sound Design is priced à la carte and subject to studio location.

Recording & Mixing (analog/digital in studio): $250/hour
Recording & Mixing (analog/digital on location): $400/hour
Audio Post Production: $75.00/hour
Voiceovers/Sync: $125/hr
Gaming (apps, video): $75/hour
Audio Branding: Packages start at $3500
Live Performance: Contact Us
Music Composition: Contact Us

STIJL sound design pricing is competitive and flexible, you will be quoted an exact price for your project and if your project runs over time it’s our nickel. Learn more about our current equipment and open studio locations by sending an email to and lets discuss your project!

Price & Services subject to change.

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