Sound Design

Sound design at Stijl is focused on creating sound tracks for a variety of diverse applications, reaching far beyond the typical foley artist.  We are proud to be working with the latest digital technology and tools but not forgetting the raw beauty analog can deliver for a variety of disciplines.

Stijl offers the following Sound Design related products and services: Animation, Video, Artist Management, Website, Filmmaking, Television Production, Game Development, Live Theater, Sound Recording, Sound Reproduction & Distribution, Live Performance, Sound Art, Post Production, Radio.

Contact us for a no obligation detailed quote and to discuss your project.

Pricing is competitive and flexible, you will be quoted a workable price for your project and please note hourly/costs can fluctuate during production – we work closely and communicate verbosely with our clients to minimize over runs.

Contact us for futher information on our Sound Design services.  Visit or FAQ page for more information.

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