Web Design pricing

We offer full stack web site design and development services priced à la carte. A basic four page HTML or WordPress property bases out around $3200 and does not include web hosting or a domain name. Prices below do not reflect the cost of domain names, software or web hosting.

Site Design|Scratch Build (wordpress, HTML, HTML5 site): $75/hr
Re-Design services (wordpress, HTML, HTML5 site): $75/hr
Community Forum scratch build (xenforo, phpBB, IPB, MyBB): $55/hr
Re-Imagine Community Forums (xenforo, phpBB, IPB, MyBB): $55/hr
Pod Casting (website design, file uploads): $55/hr
Online Radio Station scratch build (icecast, azuracast): $110/hr
Video Streaming (Adobe Media Server): $110/hr
Shopping Carts (Woo, wpEasy,): $55/hr
Advertising deployment (google Adsense, affiliates): $35/hr
Typography services: $35/hr
Color Theory and Branding: $75/hr
Website Development (landers, company, etc.): $75/hr
Animation, Special Effects: $75/hr

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Price & Services subject to change.